New kitten

New Rochelle Humane Society

On impulse my friend who lives with me she said your cat doesn’t cuddle. We’ll get your own cat!

She did! We went to New Rochelle Humane Society to see if we can adopt a little kitten less than 3 months, that way we can train her to cuddle. And viola we got Delilah! Born on May 14 to a cat adopted locally and then they gave kittens to the society.

She’s got attitude, won’t take bullying from the cat or dog and they hangout together- it’s only the 3rd day!

Snow Lion playing with Delilah

Habits Men Have

A village resident

Every neighborhood has them! The ones with no shirt on with a protruding beer belly washing a car… two lanes down from where we are.

This guy walks around in these private streets topless sweating like pig at 3 pm when the afternoon heat can cook an egg on the payment!

Is it good manners or sense of self that other men don’t do it?

What triggers these over testosterone producing males to behave as such?

Please forgive me for even breaching the subject but it offended me even to say hello to him in that condition!



This overweight cardinal is always seeking me!

No matter where I am outside he’s there! It’s a rule not to feed the birds , the idea of attracting other vermin scares the community.

So, here, and there I sneak a peanut or sunflower and of course the local squirrel makes his home on our patio.

We dubbed him Tom but during his frolicking days we noticed a scrubby squirrel mounting him!

This guy is persistent! We call him after my friend’s husband who passed away last October. They say that a cardinal is visiting from a soul from heaven- if you believe that of course….

Our garden

New Pup on the Block


Quincy is 4 months old, he’s 3/4 Cavalier and 1/4 Aussie- hence Assailer!

He belongs to one of my neighbor and dear friend. She lost her dog 3 months ago he was a 9 year old Cavalier. He just died! I was with her when we took him to the Emergency but no vail he passed!

He was giving a good bill of health by the vet… but his testicles are missing- we’ll find out where they are when they will neutered him. Her husband said give him back! But after reasonable thoughts and feelings the breeder will pay for the exploratory surgery to find the testicles!